Thank You for the Gift

Well, yesterday was a special day in our house.

Not only was it the last day of Passover (just in time) – anyone want three boxes of matzah? ‘Cause there ain’t no way that we’re going to get within ten feet of them and I do hate to waste. It was also the first day of basketball league and most importantly it was my youngest’s birthday.

The beginning of basketball league was the perfect gift for her. So of course she got new basketball shoes. It was a good day. Her eldest brother told me that he asked her how it feels to be eleven. I could just hear all of the charm/condescension in his voice as he asked. She quickly responded with; ” I feel like I’m one year closer to death.” ( you have to realize that she has zero patience for his patronization, if I didn’t have the above picture I wouldn’t believe that they ever actually walked hand in hand). With shock in his voice he asked me if we need to be worried about her. Truly, I think I need to be more worried for the future men in her life.

Her brothers lavished her with affection all evening and thanks to basketball and a very late dinner of chometz it was a short evening so she managed to survive all of their attention without blowing a fuse.

While we were talking as she was getting ready for bed she put her hand on my face and asked, “When I don’t live at home any more do you promise to call me every day so we can talk?”

Who knew that I’d get a birthday gift too?


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