Passover Baking

Baking for Passover depresses me.

I have never had a cake come out looking normal.
My son offered to get his bicycle pump to fix my latest cake : )
I would have said yes if I thought it could have helped, it looks like it could have. I made another cake which partially stuck in the pan but did not fall as much. Now I just have to decide which one I’ll take to my sister’s Seder. I guess it depends how hard we feel like laughing.

Does anyone know the trick to keep the cakes from caving in?

I just want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy

I’d also like to know everyone’s egg count by the end of the holiday.


14 responses to “Passover Baking

    • Ilanadavita, the recipe was for a wine and spice sponge cake. You know the typical nine egg and barely anything else kind of recipe. If your cake comes out perfectly I want to see a picture! Good luck.

  1. When I made that recipe it spilled out all over the oven and looked like something ou of a I Love Lucy episode. I also couldn’t get it out of the pan because it has stuck everywhere, first to the oven rack. How did S M always get it right? Will she tell us?

    • Kalliope, I didn’t know that Sarah Marshall makes our cake. I wouldn’t trust her answer. I much prefer Lucy as a role model than say, Martha Stewart. So much less pressure. I just want to be in the show, waaaah!

  2. I am impressed that you would even try a wine and spice sponge cake! I’ve got a no-fail banana bread that you could go with. 😉

  3. I don’t even try to make cakes, but have had good luck w/ bar/brownie/mandelbread recipes I’ve found on line. Try substituting 5/8 cup potato starch for a cup of flour in any recipe that calls for relatively little flour (e.g. brownie recipes)

    As for eggs. . . 5 dozen before the holiday even started.

  4. You are not supposed to offer cakes on this holiday 🙂 I just don’t bake and this year I made apple strawberry crumble and it was so good I have not stopped eating it. Either that or I am incredibly hungry. Egg count is pretty bad- rather not disclose no count.

    • Ryekatcher, I guess I lost my head. Your crumble sounds yummy – the kids are always looking for things to nosh on at Passover. I wonder if the egg industry looks forward to this time of year.

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