My Plebian Family

I cook a lot.
A lot.

I take pride in providing my family with a variety of healthy, interesting, tasty meals. Sometimes I get in a rut so I turn to the internet for ideas and recipes. I particularly like my Epicurious app. Our favourite salmon with lentils recipe comes from there as well as a ziti with roasted zucchini recipe that I love. I don’t always plan our meals and have to rely on spur of the moment ideas. It is usually with a little disappointment that I turn to the standard fare. Last week it happened twice.
I had to combine the ingredients on hand as well as continue to clear my cupboards for Passover. I decided to make a meatloaf. I used up the little bit of bread crumbs as well as corn flake crumbs that I had left. I got rid of two different bar-b-que sauces and finished off whatever applicable spices I could. I knew it wouldn’t be bad I just didn’t know if it would be any good. Imagine my shock when I heard things like, “This is your best meatloaf ever! What’s in here? This is so good? Why is this meatloaf different from all other meatloaves?” Glad they enjoyed it, I”ll never be able to repeat it.

Two nights later I opened my pantry looked at what was left and decided on a tuna casserole. I have only ever made it one other time in my entire life. I put it together feeling a little guilty for forcing them to eat this, but I had to get rid of the egg noodles. Once again I was met with the out and out raptures of my family as they consumed the casserole. My husband even went so far as to say that this is his “very favourite meal”. Are you kidding me?

What’s next spaghetti with hot dogs cut in?


4 responses to “My Plebian Family

    • Ilana, it is very frustrating. They’re very good about trying things, but when they’re just as happy with the basics you sometimes wonder, why bother? Sorry you recognize the feeling.

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