Back Handed Compliments

I recently received a compliment that I think was sincere but at the same time it made me think, hmmm. So I just collected up a few of those compliments that I’ve received over the years. Funny how they stick with you.

Here goes:

You’re so bold to to wear those pants, I could never pull off that look.

You’re so brave to send your kids to camp so far from home, I’d never be able to sleep at night.

Your hair is just crazy! ( is there anyway that’s a compliment?)

You look fine in the morning, your kids are still so young you probably don’t have time for makeup.

My wife, she’s not picky, she’ll eat anything. (he really did mean it as a compliment)

I can’t believe you’re 47, your skin’s so good!

In response to all of these compliments I just want to say, uhmm thanks?

Tell me a back handed compliment that you’ve received so that I can laugh as well.

4 responses to “Back Handed Compliments

  1. Sometimes it’s the inflection in the voice that says it all. Imagine this one with shock in the tone (if you knew who said it, you’d understand immediately) “oh, this is very good!” regarding something I made for dinner. So backhanded!

    • Big, last night one of the kids told me that dinner was ‘surprisingly’ good. When I asked why it was surprising he said that because of the way it looked he didn’t think it could taste good. Thanks?

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