Mornings Are For The Birds

I know that I have mentioned in the past that I am not a morning person. Those of you who are not morning people get what that means those who are morningers will never get it.

Most of my children get it. My husband and one son do not. I try not to talk to them at breakfast, it’s not hard because they are usually singing or laughing. Their singing infuriates the rest of us. There should be no joy before coffee.

All through high school I performed my morning ablutions in the dark. I would lay out my clothes the night before so that I didn’t need to turn on the light. My father couldn’t understand how I could shower in the dark. But really, you close your eyes to shampoo anyway. I would still do the same thing but somehow at my age it would seem a bit eccentric and I really do need to put on at least a little makeup. Impossible to do in the dark.

I hate the way the birds make so much noise so early. That’s one good thing about winter here, no happy morning birds.

My daughter has another volleyball tournament tomorrow. I have to have her at school for 7:45. That’s just a crazy time. I just know I’m going to poke my eye with the mascara wand. I hope that I can wake up my inner cheerleader and get some coffee in me before we go.

GO TEAM! Just please don’t wake me if I doze off.

9 responses to “Mornings Are For The Birds

  1. I am not a morning person either. Tomorrow morning is our trip to Paris; I will have to be in front of the school at 6.30, which means getting up at 5.30. Not something I look forward to.

    • Ilana, glad you understand. 5:30 is an inhuman hour however, even I would get up at that time for Paris. Do you enjoy it or are you so accustomed to the city that it is no big deal? Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies but I get more done early in the morning than any other time of day. So while I know alot of people who aren’t morning people, and I understand and love them, think of me when you’re up at 7am.

    • Ilana, an hour difference is huge! I know that we are capable of functioning early in the morning the difference, I think, is just that we will never enjoy the early mornings.

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