It Was A Wonderful Trip

We are back from our March break travels and in a nutshell this is what our trip looked like in order:

We went to Washington. Everything is so big in America, even the pets. We went to the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Aerospace Museum, the White House Museum and the Museum of Modern Art and Sculpture. We saw the White House from a distance, we were not allowed in. I heard that the cleaning lady cancelled that week and as a result the Obamas were not entertaining any guests. We also saw the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. Do you have any idea how big the Mall is? We walked our tootsies off. We did not make it to the Lincoln Memorial or to the Vietnam Memorial. We saw a lot of statues of famous horses with men on them.

In New York we went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn the Hipster capital of the world. I thought we would see a lot of Hasidim there but I guess we were in the wrong part of town. It was a morning chosen by the Artiste and the rest of us enjoyed the adventure of something new. We saw a fun musical on Broadway. We were there for St. Patrick’s Day so we watched the parade for an hour, it went on for over five hours and it consisted of marching bands, marching soldiers, marching bag pipers and marching police. Five hours worth! Do you have any idea how many police that is? Who was watching the city that day? We walked over to Central Park, greenery and more people dressed in green. We went out to eat, a lot. We didn’t actually eat a dinosaur, it just felt like it. The Museum of Natural History was the only one we did in New York as the kids were all museumed out from Washington.

We spent a night in Corning, New York and went to the glass museum in the morning. I love that museum.

On our drive home we stopped off in Niagara Falls as the kids had never seen the Falls. It felt like spring in New York but it’s still winter here.

By the end we had all had enough of having our pictures taken.

It was a great trip but as always it sure feels good to be back home.

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