Winter, Still

I am so very, very tired of you.
Grey sky, you are ugly.
Ski and snowboard enthusiasts, bully for you.
Boots, you have become heavy.
Gloves, I long to feel the world again.
Scarf, you are strangling me.
Ice, I’m waiting for that concussion.
Flowers, don’t give up, your time will come.
Rain, rain wash away all the dirty snow, please.
Birdies, come back.
Spring, you smell like dog pooh and yet I long for you.


5 responses to “Winter, Still

  1. I love that dog poo smell! To me it is the smell of life beginning again and I can’t wait.
    “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

  2. I long to see peony shoots breaking the ground, and I’ll trade the smell of d.p. for hyacinths… all my favourite parts of spring.

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