What’s Going On (?)

It’s been a crazy week. Well I guess I mean crazier than normal.
I’ve had a meeting or lecture to attend almost every night, volley ball games followed by a full day volley ball tournament. Volley ball has become my new favourite sport. Whatever sport my children happen to be involved in at the moment always seems to become my new favourite. I might not be loyal to a single sport but I am loyal to my kids.

Papa Bear and I attended a lecture at the university given by a guest speaker. He is an Israeli history professor working in Calgary right now. The topic was Israel and security from a historical perspective. I have to say that I was very disappointed. I should have expected him to be very left wing, aren’t all universities bastions of the far left? But, when he spoke I was keenly aware that the university students to whom he was speaking did not have the knowledge to put what he was saying into perspective. When he was speaking of the collateral damage from Operation Cast Lead he did not clarify that numbers were so high as civilians and their homes, schools etc. were being used as shields by the Palestinians. There was no mention that Israel increased its risk to its own soldiers my conducting a door to door assault (is that the correct term?) instead of an air assault which would have increased the collateral damage. Not to mention, of course the toll taken on the Israeli civilians – many just children – from the years of missile attacks inflicted on them. He also did not have an understanding of the North American mind set. When someone asked a question about the settlements I knew that as a Canadian the word settlement brings to mind vast open spaces not an apartment building spitting distance from Jerusalem. It was a frustrating evening. I guess the upside was that it was not particularly well attended.

On a completely unrelated note I am asking the question, “What’s going on?” I’ve been reading a book this week that has me bothered. It’s the book that I took the potato head quote from. I like this author, I really like his way with words and his characterization. I’m just having trouble with the subject matter. O.K., so here’s the thing, I cheat when I read. I read ahead and I skip about the book. I’ve done it for years and ebooks only make it easier to do. I knew that this book would be a painful read, there was plenty of warning, I was ready to cope with this. But, I decided that I wanted to read ahead and find out what the issue was that was torturing one of the characters and creating all of the angst in the novel. Yes, yes I know I shouldn’t but I did. I don’t have a problem with what the issue in the novel is I have a problem with the fact that this is the third book that I’ve read since July with this same issue. The two main characters who are deeply in love with each other since childhood discover (or at least one of them does) that they are half siblings. Once again I ask, what is going on?! Why has this become such a hot topic? Although handled well in each and every book I can only think, ‘Come on, this again?’

For years I never came across this and then three times in less than one year? Are we running out of ideas or is something very creepy (creepier than normal) going on out there? Does this have something to do with some sort of mass societal fear due to the existence of sperm banks? That seems more likely to me (and really I do wonder is it likely?) than men having affairs, their children meeting up and falling madly and hopelessly in love with each other. I would also like to know why is it that when brothers and sisters don’t know that they’re related they complete one another and understand each other as no one else can and when they live together in real life, knowing their relationship they only want to kill one another? Where’s the love then?

At least when I read a Harlequin romance I know to expect each and every plot twist and element of the formula. I hate feeling disappointed in ‘literature’, please don’t force me to read more Harlequin, I have enough things to be embarrassed about.


4 responses to “What’s Going On (?)

  1. Any coverage or discussing of Israel is usually woefully out of context. The best context I’ve found is American conservative talk radio, but I find that medium hard to stomach for other reasons, so I just tolerate NPR’s coverage and turn off the radio when I get too upset.

    I think it’s going to take the arrival of the Messiah before perspective is found.

    Sorry about the lack of good plot lines, too. I haven’t even had any time to be disappointed by “literature” lately!!

    • Rivki, I agree with you on the issue of conservative talk radio (or at least conservative television. Israel is the only issue I can agree with. Universities are always a concern as they are supposed to be bastions of thought and knowledge and they have merely become bastions of the far left. Coming from a pretty leftist country (which I love dearly) that is quite a statement for me to make.

      I will continue waiting for the Messiah, quite a job he has ahead of him, maybe that’s why he’s taking so long.

      I think the good plot lines are out there, I am just not as selective with an ereader than if I were purchasing actual books – they are much more expensive in Canada. I would not call what I’ve been reading ‘literature’. Maybe, that should be a blog topic. What constitutes literature? You have not written about your big concert. I hope that it went well.

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