The Round – a – What?

I had to go somewhere today that I never go. My husband was giving me directions and he said the dreaded words to me: take such and such street until you get to the round-a-bout, veer left so you’re on this street and then make a right on Main. Ugh! Not the round-a-bout! I hate the round-a-bout. Why does my little city even have one?

I think that it got put in about a year or so ago and I can only ask, why? What was wrong with the stop sign? Why not opt for a traffic light? Round-a bouts are so very uncanadian. We are a linear people. Our largest city is a perfect grid. Our homes are linear. You will find very few yurts here.

It’s made of brick. If you kiss it with your car it’s going to hurt. It’s winter here, it’s impossible to see the lines on the streets if they’re even still there. It’s the perfect place for a merging car to plow right in to you. Then there is also the ridiculous thought that like some silly cartoon I’m going to make a mistake and get stuck going around and around for hours. Maybe I should add that I’ve never seen another car there when I’ve been going around. Still, it could happen, I could get stuck.

If I were to tell my American friends that there is a round-a-bout in my city they would spend the next ten minutes laughing and making fun of the way I say about. I’m sorry I may say eh but I don’t say aboot.

Did the roads department have delusions of turning us into a European city? There were so many other things they could have tried. How aboot a town square, or a cobbled street, or a patisserie, or a clock tower or they could have changed the name of Main Street to Somethingplatz? So many possibilities.

My husband just told me that he loves the round-a-bout and he takes it twice a day. He says it’s practical. But then his parents are European. It must be a genetic predisposition.


8 responses to “The Round – a – What?

  1. LOL. I can’t dislike them. My entire world consists of round-abouts and nothing but round-abouts. I just call them circles- they are my buddies, I can nickname. I used to hate them but now it is all I know of.

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