What’s Their Name?

The Artiste came to me excited with the following news:

Him: The second day we’re in Toronto for Passover Gogo Bordello is performing. Can I go see them?
Me: That means it’s the second seder.
Him: Oh, shoot (not really shoot, but that’s what I’m typing). O.K.
Me: Who is this group?
Him: They’re an indie band (of course) from Russia.
Me: Wow, that’s some name. As if a bordello isn’t bad enough it has to be a gogo bordello?
Him: Not gogo, Gogol.
Me: OMG, as in NIcolai Gogol the famous Russian writer? Now I really don’t know what to make of the name. (Time to read the collected works of Gogol that is waiting for me on my IPad.)
Him: Who?
Me: Gogol, he was a great Russian writer.
Him: Cool.

O.K., so now my curiosity was piqued. Could there be something to this group? In general I like the Artiste’s taste in music. Time to check it out. Over to Youtube, enter search for Gogol Bordello (I can’t believe I’m typing those words.) A few videos come up, I choose ‘Wonderlust King”. I look at the tags it reads: gypsy, punk, indie, rock. Hmm, this should be interesting. I hit play. Suddenly I feel like I’m watching Borat’s Russian cousin. Is this a send up? I keep watching. No, it’s for real.

You know those odd moments with your teenagers where you have to remember the actual birth of this person so that you are reminded that yes, in fact he really is my offspring. I don’t believe in aliens, but something not quite human must be influencing my son’s musical choices.

I love ya baby, but there is no way that their CD is going in my van.
Oh yeah, for there to be a CD they would have to be mainstream and that would be so uncool. Sometimes I guess I do appreciate the obscurity of indie bands.


4 responses to “What’s Their Name?

  1. Oh the Artiste is SO “hipster”. And his aunt Bigshvester is SO old. How did this happen? I think I need to get myself to Brooklyn! Or maybe not.

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