Family Day and Heart Palpitations

So this weekend we celebrated Family Day. This is a government mandated holiday that has been around for about three years now. It’s an opportunity for families to spend more time together. Thank you for the opportunity, but no thank you. I get pa-lenty of time with my kids. I am always with my kids and they are always with me. I think what we would appreciate is a little take a break from each other day. Didn’t we just have Christmas and New Year’s holidays together? Not to mention every single evening of the week and Saturdays and Sundays?

It seems to me that every mom that I know who has expressed a love for this holiday is someone who works outside of the house.

Not that I don’t love being with my kids, believe me I do, mostly. I just don’t like being told by my government that I need to spend more time doing what I do each and every day. Maybe you guys should spend more time in the Parliament buildings doing your jobs. Has every budget been balanced? Is there nothing else that you guys could have accomplished today?

We took our kids to Toronto for the weekend and spent our time together driving them to various friends’ houses. It was a true bonding experience. We also took them to Costco. Don’t all kids love that? We needed more kosher meat and that’s where we buy it. While we were there I think I may have had heart palpitations. Can you guess what gave them to me?


Costco already has Matzah on display. Matzah! As in Passover. Who can think of Passover in February? I saw the Matzah and immediately an outrageous amount of work flashed before my eyes. Come on, we haven’t even had March break or Purim yet. I’m not even that observant. I change all of my dishes, pots, utensils etc., I clean out my pantry and closets and you know what? That’s enough for me. I’ve read the blogs. I know what some of you ladies do and I want you to know that if I had medals I would give one to each and every one of you. Why is it that the one holiday in which we are supposed to celebrate our deliverance from freedom I feel more like an indentured servant than any other time of the year?

So tell me ladies, when do you begin to prepare for the holiday? Do you manage to do it with a smile on your face? Every year I vow not to complain and to try to be happy about the holiday so that I can impart the right sentiment to my children but somehow I always end up pretty cranky. Does it stress you out as well?


4 responses to “Family Day and Heart Palpitations

  1. I’m being reminded of a Christian holiday .. oh yeah, that would be how I get around Christmas. Totally stressed out and cranky. 🙂

    • NB, whenever I see how stressed everyone is at Christmas I feel relieved that I get to take a pass on it. It almost makes up for not being able to decorate my house with the shiny, pretty baubles.

  2. Nooooooo, not yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Here come the palpitations for me too!!!!!! I loved this holiday as a child, but as an adult…not so much.

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