What I’m Hearing in My House

It seems that songs and videos get passed along in my house from sibling to sibling like some sort of virus. There are three that are currently on the go right now. Everyone is enjoying Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah sung by each and every artist out there. K.D. Lang’s version is my personal favourite.

Don’t ask me why, but Waltzing Matilda has also taken hold of my children. Go figure.

We are also enjoying this video of duelling cellos which I am including for your viewing pleasure.

I also got to listen to The Artiste torment Sporty Girl as he improvised an entire song to the tune of Waltzing Matilda about the two of them playing and having fun together. This pushes her buttons on so many different levels. I know he was making her crazy, but it was pretty clever so for once I didn’t intervene. It ended in a chase, him laughing and her trying to hurt him however she could. Such is our nightly entertainment.


4 responses to “What I’m Hearing in My House

  1. I’m going to send Princess #1 to your place to hang out with the Artiste and he can introduce her to some of this great music! Definitely an improvement from most of what is being listened to here!!!!

    PS Very impressed with the pancakes… next year I’m coming to your place for Valentine’s Day dinner! 😉

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