I Love This Day

I love Valentine’s Day. Not because I will be romanced (remember, I don’t like romance), wined and dined. I love this day because I get to pour my heart into my family today and it will actually be noticed, appreciated and remembered.

When the kids were little and cute and I was hardly ever mad at them I started the tradition of making them a special Valentine’s Day breakfast. I bought them each an assortment of chocolates which I would set at their places at the breakfast table, then I would serve them heart shaped pancakes along with strawberries and real whipped cream (I bought the pancake mould off the Martha Stewart website way back before she wore the orange jump suit, I also bought the coolest snowball maker – Martha’s a tad obsessive but she had some neat gadgets). Of course there would have to be melted chocolate to drizzle on the pancakes.

Every year it’s the same two questions. Are you going to do the pancakes again?Do we still get chocolates? Yes and yes. This year the holiday falls on a school day and Papa Bear has been away at a meeting for the weekend. No time in the morning and too tired to get it ready the night before. I was talking to a brilliant girl friend that I happened to bump into at the grocery store while shopping for supplies. I mentioned my dilemma. She came up with the idea of breakfast for dinner. I am very much an in the box thinker, breakfast is breakfast and dinner is dinner. This would never have occurred to me – sad to say. But I am flexible enough to embrace novelty when it perfectly suits my purpose. So yes, we will be having breakfast for dinner and I will have hours to prepare. Yeah! Happy them, happy me. Truly happy me, even though I really do not like pancakes.

I have to say that I also love a holiday where we are expected to eat chocolate. I don’t care whose idea it was, if it was a marketing scheme thought up by a bunch of Swiss chocolatiers I just say thank you, great idea. Oh yeah, flowers are nice too as long as they don’t make me sneeze (allergies).

So, what are you doing with your loved ones? Dazzle me with a tale of great extravagance. Remember we have to love ourselves before we can truly love anyone else so treat yourself to something really special even if it’s only one little chocolate champagne truffle. You deserve it, you’re wonderful, someone to be cherished.

I wish you all a day filled with love.


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