Little Miss. Popular?

We all want our kids to be popular. Either that or we want them not to care about being popular. After all life is not a popularity contest. Oh yeah, thank you Facebook for changing that. Just how many friends do you have?

Now, I’ve never been one for tons of friends. A few close friends has always been my style. While that’s what works for me I still want my kids to be popular enough to feel good about themselves. When my daughter was in grade one something happened which made me fear for her popularity. Something which made me fear that the other mommies would not want their innocent daughters playing with my child.

It went like this: while I was waiting outside of the school to pick up my kids one of the moms approached me with these words, “The funniest thing happened in class yesterday while I was volunteering. The kids were all writing messages on their LCBO don’t drink and drive bags (yes, someone at the liquor control board of Ontario actually came up with the brilliant idea of having grammar school children decorate the alcohol shopping bags for Christmas with the annual don’t drink and drive slogan. How twisted is that?) and your daughter wrote the message, ‘Don’t do drugs, especially not Crystal Meth”. Wow! I didn’t see that one coming. I started explaining…She has older brothers…one of them is in grade 7…he’s already done the drug awareness program…we discussed it at dinner, as a family..she also likes Dora The Explorer AND Elmo. She’s really very sweet, not a bad influence at all! Ah, crap. I could see the birthday invitations flying out the window.

I should have trusted my daughter. She is a nice girl with plenty of friends. She gets invited to enough birthday parties if not all of them. She didn’t get invited to the party where the mom put out a red carpet and had all of the girls walk down it and then vote for best outfit. And that’s just fine with me.


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