Not As Crazy As You Might Think

My daughter is a BIG worrier.

Yesterday she wanted to shovel the driveway (go figure) but she didn’t want to be there alone as she was worried about bears and wolves.

Crazy right? Well, although unlikely, not quite as crazy as you might think. At this time of year the bear issue is not an issue. The bears are nicely tucked in for the winter and we really don’t need to think about them until the spring. A big thank you from me to all of those city dwellers who lobbied to cancel the spring bear hunt. You’re welcome to come stay overnight in a tent in my backyard throughout the spring and summer, why I’ll even place snacks conveniently around the tent for you and whoever else might show up. Anyway, about the wolves: yes we have had wolves on our street. I kid you

I was talking to someone I know who lives on a street that is perpendicular to ours. Last winter he was out walking his huskies and he got to the forest (called the bush in these parts) at the end of our street and three timberwolves stepped out of the bush onto our street. Did your jaw just drop? Because mine does every time I think about this. The same winter four wolves took down and devoured a moose on one of our cross country ski trails. So we’ve got bears, wolves and moose (which have also been seen walking on my street) and we live in the city!

While the likelihood of bumping into these animals is very small it is not impossible. Well, almost impossible. I just like to sound like we live in the great white north. You’re most likely to bump into some lady runners traversing our roads in packs. But then you should see our runners!


6 responses to “Not As Crazy As You Might Think

  1. That gives me the heebie jeebies. It reminds me of when I was in seminary, in Har Nof, which backed up against the Jerusalem Forest, and sometimes there would be coyotes. Oh, did I fear those coyotes. It makes me shudder.

    And you’re in the city? What is the countryside like?!?!

  2. We in the city conveniently forget that nature exists all around us. It was only last year that an area downtown was being assaulted by coyotes (actually, it may have only been a lone coyote). Family pets were disappearing and nobody let their kids play alone in their yards. It can happen anywhere.

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