Product, Product, Product

I was talking with my sister yesterday. She was telling me about what turned out to be a disappointing day. Of course I was upset for her and then she went and did something that it seems my sisters have a talent for. She cracked me up.

She told me that she purchased a bottle of body cream. The bottle said ‘firming’. She said she put it on her body and then she stood in front of the mirror and..nothing.

Oy what a visual! The determination, the hope and then the let down (no pun intended).

Whatever happened to truth in advertising? If you can’t do it, don’t put it on your label. Which brings anti-frizz hair products to my mind. Who are you kidding? Not this head. Wrinkle creams, anyone?
Reduced fat ice cream? I ate a whole carton and my fat was not reduced, not even a little bit! Just joking about that one, I knew it wouldn’t work the whole time.

So ladies, what say we throw away the creams, gels, mousses, hair dyes and what have you? Burn our bras and dance around like it’s 1964! I looked so good in 1964. My skin glowed with the bloom of youth. Even in my saggy wading pool water logged diaper I was a thing of beauty. Oh right, that bloom of youth was actual youth.

Right now I need to put on my night cream and get my beauty sleep so that I can wake up refreshed (even if those damn sleep lines seem to stay on my face for half the day now), wash down my bran bar with a good shot of caffeine so that I can get on my treadmill and feel good afterward. I will shower and use my small arsenal of moisturizing products. I will use three different kinds of hair goop to restrict my hair to one area code while I smile at myself as I put on my daily makeup (a.k.a. the mature woman’s youthful glow). Then I will have a great day because I know that underneath it all I am still the happy, beautiful me that I was back in the droopy diaper days.


6 responses to “Product, Product, Product

  1. *Sigh* Love the imagery and the message. Why is it so hard to see ourselves as beautiful at all points in our lives? I’m with you- let’s unite and love what we see when we pass a mirror! BTW, I think about this A LOT in terms of my girls! How do I send them the message that they’re whole no matter what?! Excellent post lady– thank you!

  2. I will buy make up to look as beautiful as Christy Brinkley, I will eat yogurt cause Jamie Lee Curtis wouldn’t lie about it’s benefits, I do believe that when you turn your car on it should return the favour, this one is going to take a little work for me… all these years later I don’t know why a crown doesn’t pop on my head when I eat Imperial Margarine. C’est ma vie!

    • Kalliope, O.K. What you have just said about the car is scaring me, referring to Christie Brinkley is definitely dating you and do they still make Imperial margarine? Yikes how did this happen to us when we were puppies together only yesterday? By the way, you’re not to drive my car (shudder).

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