The Fine Line

One of the things that I’ve noticed recently about parenting (maybe it’s because we’ve entered the teen years) is that I feel as though I’m always walking a fine line. There seem to be so many of them and I don’t want to cross over any of them.

I want to be a loving supportive mom who will always be there when her kids need to talk, but make no mistake I will not cross the line and be your friend. Friends come and go, I am in it for the long haul.

I want my kids to have good self esteem while maintaining humility and not becoming arrogant.

I want my kids to have a sense of humility without being critical or lowering their self esteem.

I enjoy joking with my kids but have to be careful that we do not cross the line into the inappropriate – the boys have been known to come up with a ‘that’s what she said’ or two, mom’s cannot and should not come up with any, no matter how tempting.

I want to keep them safe but not instil fear in them.

I need to be their reality check but don’t want to rain on their parade -I know you want to be a director, do you have a Plan B?

I want to be a fun mom but I’m still responsible for their good health. Cheesecake for dinner would be fun but broccoli cheese cake is better for you – how’s that for compromise?

I want to be a great mother but I’m afraid of becoming a smother. The difference between being a strong presence in their life and not having a life of my own.

These are but a few of the issues as I see them and some of them are inter-related. I feel as though every time I turn around there is another one of those fine lines in front of my face and they can be as hard to see and as easy to cross as a filament from a spider’s web.

Good parenting is tough.


3 responses to “The Fine Line

  1. Good parenting is tough, I was once called a helicopter mom… I’m always there hovering. We smother we hover, we build self esteem and we are the reality check. Leave the spoiling to the grandparents, or cheesecake for dinner to a certain aunt. You are a great mother and your kids already know it. Good posting, you got it right!

    • Kalliope and Big, as the kids get older I am trying to hover less and less and really I’m tired of hovering. I don’t think I spoil them just sometimes I want to be the one who doles out the happiness as well as the discipline. Thanks for the vote of confidence, I can always count on you two.

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