Jaw Dropping Moments

There have been a lot of jaw dropping moments in my career as a mother. They have ranged from happy to absolutely stunning (which I just can’t print).
I present to you, for your entertainment a few things that have been flung at my brain:

If you gave me a toy with every meal you’d be as good a cook as McDonalds.

I was thinking of ladies I’d like as my mom and even though she’s a teacher I think I’d like Mrs. K.

I guess I’m a Lesbie. (stated by my then 5 year old daughter when her fortune cookie told her that she and her wife would have a long and happy life together)

I closed my Facebook account while I study for exams, it’s too distracting.

I think I’m allergic to all green food.

All said to me through the bathroom door while in my morning shower:
What’s for dinner?
I can’t reach the plates.
Where does this go?
What is there to snack on?
Can we get a dog?
Why not?


One response to “Jaw Dropping Moments

  1. So you mean to tell me that asking you a question while you’re in the shower isn’t the best time? Ha.. I think I still do that every once in a while with my mom.

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