Do You Know Cold?

It’s been a cold weekend here in the Great White North. The kind of cold that causes pain across your forehead and everything in your nose to freeze when you breathe. The kind of cold that makes you huddle indoors. The kind of cold that makes you wish for it to snow because that would mean it’s warmed up. The kind of cold that makes your car scream when you start it. The kind of cold that makes teenagers put on hats, boots, scarves and mitts. The kind of cold that gets you to read over every soup recipe you own so that there will be a different soup for dinner every night this week.

This morning it was -40celsius with the wind chill factor. Tonight it will go down to -30 before the wind chill. For those of you who don’t know centigrade let me say that this is just outrageously cold. At minus twenty the schools here cancel outdoor recess. So then you have crazy cold temperatures and squirrely kids.

Just for excitement our furnace stopped working yesterday. Luckily for us our house has the quirk of half of it being heated electrically. Between the electric heat and our fireplaces we’re staying fairly toasty. But still, even though it’s crazy cold here I still prefer this craziness to the heat we faced in Israel this summer. I’m sure if I were touring in this weather I’d rethink this position.

Do you know this kind of cold? What does this cold make you do?


6 responses to “Do You Know Cold?

  1. This kind of cold makes me want to stay in flannel pajamas and furry socks all day. It makes me yearn for for the feeling of the sun warming my skin, I’ll take hot hot temperatures over this any day all day everyday.

  2. Oh my gosh, it was -40 degrees Celcius here in Montreal. I couldn’t wait to get home after work. First thing I did was light a fire in our fireplace – that seemed to help!

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