What’s Goin’ On Here

Well, I haven’t posted lately because…wait for it…I haven’t had anything to say. Gasp, no really, I kid you not.

So just a few short notes.

This is what’s goin’ on around here:
My trunk is frozen shut. The trunk of my van that is. The trunk of my van which is filled with my kids’ ski/snowboard equipment. My personal trunk is filled with junk (I just couldn’t resist the self-deprecating humour). 🙂 My kids can’t ski now, do we see the humour in this?
Something is in the air because my kids are being n-a-s-t-y to one another. They are constantly sniping at and shooting each other down. It wears on ya’.
The Artiste drove Sporty Girls to tears the other day through his incessant attention (for lack of a better word). After promising to lay off of her this was the conversation that I overheard last night:

Artiste: Just think, when you die and go to heaven I’ll already be there, and then we can be together F-O-R-E-V-E-R.
Sporty Girl: Yeah then the Messiah will come and I’ll go back to earth and get as far away from you as I can.

Help. Me.

I told Big Sister about this behaviour and she laughed and said with one eyebrow raised (even though it was over the phone I know that her eyebrow was figuratively raised) that he is just like I was except that he’s a boy and the eldest not the youngest. OOOOOOH, ouch, smash, boom. Way to hurt a gal. Just try and get a kiss out of me now. Oh, alright I’ll kiss you but that’s just because I forget to hold a grudge, Im still overly affectionate and we can laugh about it now. Will my kids be able to laugh about it one day?


6 responses to “What’s Goin’ On Here

  1. Honestly, I think it’s cabin fever and lack of sunshine. No matter how many activities one does during winter, the gray blah days make us feel grumpy.

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