She Said What?

I just picked my daughter up from school (grade 5) and I have to record what she said while I remember it:

“We’re doing government and instead of doing a project we’re going to have debates. Tomorrow we find out if we’re pro or con. The teacher said that even if we’re pro we have to know the con side so that we can come up with a … Then she couldn’t think of the word so then I said, comeback, so that we’re not left Treppenwitz, you know so we don’t come up with the comeback when we’re on the stairs. I think it’s Latin, it’s from a blog my mom reads.”

You gotta smile at that one.

No wonder her Dad’s gobsmacked.


4 responses to “She Said What?

  1. Seriously priceless! I can’t help but smile (awkwardly?) when may kids say words like “blog” and “tweet.” Great story, I’m so glad you wrote it down and, of course, shared it! XO

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