It’s Not Appropriate, Or So I’ve Been Told

My children have found a video on youtube (so what else is new?). This video is of a silly little song that has captivated them. They play it a fair amount. They play it loudly. They sing it when they are not playing it. They sing it solo. They sing it in unison. It has gotten stuck in my head.

I wanted to post this little ditty to share with all of you so that you can further see what I have running through my head and then back away very slowly. My kids nixed me posting it. I asked them why, really at a loss. One of them replied that it has the word ‘balls’ in it. I replied with, “Yeah?” I was then told that it’s not an appropriate word. I looked at my sixteen year old and responded with something like, “Are you kidding me? With what comes out of your mouth you’re going to censor me for the word ‘balls’?” The conversation that followed went like this:
“Don’t you have some Orthodox ladies who read your blog?”
“Yeah, a couple.”
“Then it’s not appropriate.”
“For real? I’m sure they could handle the word ‘balls’.”
“No, you can’t do it, it’s not appropriate. They’re Orthodox.”
Well ladies, the censors have spoken. I’m sorry that I thought of corrupting you. You will never hear the word ‘balls’ on my blog. 🙂

P.S. I do hope that this posting has not offended anyone’s sensibilities, orthodox or otherwise. But it’s not like I said the word…Nah, I just can’t do it.


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