Last night I walked past our study and as I peeked in I saw my daughter talking to my husband and I smiled to myself. As I looked at my husband’s face I recognized a look of utter enchantment. I could hear my daughter speaking (her back was to me) as I watched my husband grin goofily, his eyes twinkling. I knew that he was not hearing a word she said he was just taking her in. She finished saying her piece and he responded with, “Come here, give Daddy a hug.” I walked away as they were hugging.

This morning, in bed, I mentioned the incident to my husband and I asked him what she was talking about. He responded with, “I have no idea.” and burst into laughter.

Somehow my daughter has managed to enchant all of the men in her life, her father, brothers and grandfather. I don’t know how she does it, they obviously have to be very willing victims, but all I can think is, good for you.

I worry that her future husband will have his work cut out for him, he’s going to have to make the grade with her other men. I only pray that he will be as gobsmacked by her as her father is because after all, doesn’t every woman deserve to get that goofy grin from her husband at least once in a while?


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