Hug It Out

I just discovered that you cannot watch this video on my site, just click on the sentence ‘Watch on You tube’ to see it.
I saw this video today on Life in Israel and it got me thinking.
When I was a kid I was very affectionate. I drove my family crazy. I’ve always been a demonstrative person. Now that I have four children and a husband my affection cup runneths over. There are more than enough people in my life who will give me the physical contact that I crave. I love a good hug. A really good hug not only leaves you feeling loved it can also leave you feeling stronger. At least it does for me.
I consider a good hug as uplifting as a glimpse of a beautiful lake and as necessary as drinking water. However, I don’t understand the casual hug. To me, hugging is far more personal than a peck on the cheek, even the two sided kiss. By the way, Montrealers, you are not European, what’s with you guys and the two cheek kiss?

Recently, my son was volunteering at a retirement home. We were talking about the fact that some of the people really don’t have visitors. I don’t know which would be worse the lack of communication or the lack of physical contact. I have to add that I am particular about who can hug me. I have very strong boundaries. I do not want to be hugged by strangers but if you look at the faces of the hugging people on this video you can see that we seem to thrive on the contact. So, while you have the opportunity hug your family as much as possible everyone will feel that much better for it.


2 responses to “Hug It Out

  1. Ilana, I guess that would be the up side of being Shomer Negiah, no one outside of your family would have the automatic right to hug or kiss you and when you say, hands off, they have to respect it and not think there’s something wrong with you. On the other hand, I wonder if it’s ever isolating.

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