A Tangental Posting

Sometimes there are a bunch of thoughts running around in my head and I fear if I don’t let them out they may bump into something and do some damage – you know, no running in the house!

Two years ago I knitted my daughter a cabled scarf to go with her new snow suit. I like knitting scarves they fit my attention span. Now she has a new snow suit and the old scarf no longer matches. She asked me if she could have a new scarf. I told her that sure, we can go to the store and get one. She responded with:

“You mean you’re not going to knit if for me?

Me: Do you want me to knit you one?

Her: Yours are so soft and when I wear it I feel like I’m wrapped up in love.

Me: (to myself – Aw crap) (to her) Sure sweetie, what colours?

Now, here’s the thing, I discovered that you can either knit or you can read but you can’t do both and right now I’m in a reading mode. I started the scarf last night, hopefully I can knock it off in a weekend but that also means no cooking 🙂 and Thomas Hardy will definitely have to wait.

This morning as I was driving her to school for her 8am volleyball practice (she has an 8am volleyball practice every single weekday morning and have I mentioned that she’s in grade 5? What gives? Her coach also makes the kids do 50 sit ups every time they miss a serve, her stomach muscles hurt but she says she’s just going to try not to miss any more serves – crazy coach) I saw three different women outside shovelling their driveways. I wanted to roll down my window and yell at them, “Ladies what are you doing?! You’re setting a bad example for the rest of us, that’s what you’re doing! Go back inside, have a coffee, eat something sweet, it’s too early to be productive.” Then these thoughts quickly entered my head; What are your husbands doing? I see that second car on your driveway, I know he’s in there. Did you make him coffee too? Is he sitting there sipping it? Did you also make his lunch? You women are killing me. Wow, I’m so judgemental in the morning! Maybe they just like the exercise. Ah, no that’s also killing me. I really shouldn’t be driving around at 8am, no good will come of it.

I was listening to some music in the car that I really, really love. It’s the soundtrack from the Japanese movie “Departures”. I loved the movie and fell in love with the music. Who knew that I am crazy about the cello? Not me. I highly recommend this movie but I have to warn you that it is very slow. It truly exemplifies finding beauty and dignity in all things. I had the music up very loud, so that I could feel the cello in my chest and it made me want to cry. Really, I am not a morning person. I rented my husband a cello for a year for his 40th birthday, I knew that he played the cello way back when and that he really enjoyed it. If I had heard this music back then I would have bought the cello for him. Does music ever affect you like this? Opera also makes me want to cry but for a very different reason, so does country music 😉

This morning Seek said to me: “You are the most embarrassing Mom in the world.” and all I could think was, Mission accomplished. By the way, I just told him that he was cute or something equally humiliating. Oh yeah, I may also have mentioned something about female classmates swooning in his presence 🙂 Yeah, yeah I embarrass you, deal with it.

There were other thoughts in there this morning but they seem to have disappeared, they must have escaped through my ears. If I could only remember all the things I once knew I’d know…more.


6 responses to “A Tangental Posting

  1. Very very funny posting, but.. I got tears in my ears from lying on my back and crying over your dislike of country music (You should sing the previous line to a country tune to get my full meaning). And what kind of person can appreciate a cello but not see the beauty in opera? Crikey!
    I guess we may not be blood related afterall due to such opposing tastes.

    • The important thing is that we love one another despite these glaring character flaws that we each have. She’s ma sister so I’m gonna love her forever even though she sings like a coon dawg (also sung to a country tune). And, how does someone like country and like opera? That’s just weird.

  2. Loved it! Your early-morning ladies rant was my favorite.

    Music is super potent, though it’s been a little wile since I was brought to tears (okay, months. maybe that’s not so long). I didn’t enjoy opera until I actually saw one, and then I was smitten! It was the Magic Flute by Mozart, and it was eye and ear candy. Someday I’ll check out this soundtrack/movie you recommend. Cello is great. So mellow and smooth.

    • Rivki, I’ve tried to like opera. I grew up with my dad listening to it. The only one that I’ve found that I can listen to is Madame Butterfly. I went to see Carmen with a girlfriend many years ago and we left at the intermission. It was wasted on us. You’re so right about music being potent, it amazes me that something without words can be so evocative. I do love Mozart so maybe I should try the Magic Flute. I love the music, just not the singing.

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