And Away We Go!

We will be going away for the next few days to stay with my sister and brother in law at their ski chalet. We will also be spending quality time with my nieces which is a rare treat. They are both grown women with their own homes.

We’ll play games, ski or snowboard. Learning to ski in my thirties I never really got the hang of it, even the bunny hill scares me, although I can proudly say that I have skied at Blackcombe. The one run took me 3 hours! Slowly, slowly, careful, careful 🙂 I will go for gorgeous walks along snowy paths. We’ll watch movies, be silly and laugh. And we’ll eat and drink wine. Well, I won’t drink it, but I may sniff the cork a little so I can get tipsy. No joke.

The kids have been warned within an inch of their lives so with any luck there will be very little fighting. Hope springs eternal.

Funny enough, we have to travel south to get to their chalet. We can say we went south over the holidays!

I think that if I blog while we’re away everyone will tease me so this will probably be it until we return. Then I’ll be busy preparing for our annual New Year’s dinner with our best friends. We take turns making the dinner and sleeping over at one another’s homes. This way no one has to risk driving and everyone can stay up late and have fun together.

I will probably post before the New Year, but just in case I don’t get to I want to wish everyone a happy and a healthy New Year. Next year in Jerusalem 😉


13 responses to “And Away We Go!

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, lady! I hope that your travels were safe, your skiing uneventful, the fighting minimal (LOL) and your annual dinner perfect! I love that tradition, by the way! Clink some champagne for me, too! 🙂

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