Calgon Take Me Awaay

Winter break has begun. I love all vacation time. I love the lack of routine, sleeping in, staying up, renting movies, A Christmas Carol with Alistar Sims (‘I know nothing but now I know that I know nothing’ – I love that line) but most of all I love not making school lunches.

Cookies will be baked and delivered to neighbors. Family and friends will be visited. There will be much laughing, game playing, cheese nibbling and even a little tippling of girlie drinks. I hope there will be beautiful long snowy walks. Kids will be skiing, snowbarding and sledding. Hot chocolate will be consumed daily.

The counters have been cleared and organized, the mudroom is next. I already feel a sense of accomplishment.

The house will be full of kids, lots and lots of kids. There have already been two sleepovers and there will be more. Did I mention lots and lots of kids? Bubble baths will be necessary. You know I mean for me, right, not for the kids? What about girlie drinks in the bubble baths! Do real people do that? Real people who aren’t named Lola?

Either way, I love the holidays and I hope that every one enjoys his/her holiday as much as I enjoy mine.


5 responses to “Calgon Take Me Awaay

  1. Sleigh bells ringing are you listenin…la la la, I don’t remember the words… walking in a winter wonderland. You enjoy the season!

    • Enya, I have actually fallen asleep in the bath (the water up your nose wakes you really quickly) I’m afraid that if I had some wine I would sleep right through the water in my nose never to awaken again đŸ˜¦

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