I am not very good at holding my liquor. More than a thimbleful and I get flushed and start to feel sick. To me, alcohol is just not worth it. If I’m going to pick my poison it will be chocolate. My son came home from high school a couple of weeks ago quite freaked out about a very graphic film shown at an assembly hosted by M.A.D.D. (mothers against drunk driving). Now, I think this is a good thing to show to kids who are either learning to drive or have just begun to drive, but I am not going to put a M.A.D.D. ribbon on my car antenna. Does that mean that I am M.I.F.D.D., a mother in favour of drunk driving?

I also like pink and greatly support finding a cure for breast cancer but I do not own a pink blender, mixer, salad tongs, bracelet, pendant, t-shirt or gym bag. I do own a pink bra but, ironically none of the proceeds from the sale of it went to help find a cure for breast cancer. In fact, I would like to see cures discovered for all forms of cancer, I just don’t want to have to wear bracelets to prove it. I want to live strong without yellow rubber on my wrist.

I believe in the right to be yourself, I just don’t want to wear a
rainbow to prove it. I will take part in walkathons to help find cures for diabetes and for AIDS I just do not want to wear any ribbons on my sleeves. I would love to see Mashiach now but without a bumper sticker. I am proud of my kids’ grades and will be proud when they attend universities, but again without the bumper stickers.

I feel as though we have become a tell all society. Keep your plaques, ribbons, bracelets, bumper stickers and pink everything and just let me give in anonymity.


3 responses to “M.I.F.D.D.?

  1. I wear a poppy for Rememberance Day and a daffodil for April as cancer month, but that’s it. I too like anonymous giving, but I do understand that in order to raise funds charities are expected to give donors something to show for it. It has become more and more difficult to raise money. Thus the hook – a bracelet, pin, etc. It has always been this way. Names on hospitals = big giving. Yellow rubber bracelet = little giving.

  2. Yeah, I suppose the goal of showing your support is to get more people involved (okay, not with the “my kid’s an honor student, bit, but you know what I mean). I also don’t like to show it, though. There is a concept that if a person shares the pride of doing a mitzvah (like bragging about how much one gives to charity, for instance), the reward in the next world is diminished, since the feeling of pride in this world is considered a reward. So I guess the point of my very long comment is that we should be careful about why we put ribbons up, if we do put ribbons up.

  3. Big, I get what you’re saying, it’s just not for me.

    Rivki, aren’t there also different levels of giving in Judaism that relate to anonymity? Besides the issue of giving I think what stands out for me is the way we have become so public on our views on everything. Kind of a funny observation from a woman who blogs. By the way, thanks for reading me now that your computer time has become so limited : )

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