Who Says?

My sister reported to me today that she just heard that the best thing that a person can do for herself to look good is to get a good night’s sleep. Aw come on!
Who says?
By what authority?
Can we negotiate here? I’ll trade you one good sleep for eight glasses of water and regular exercise. Please. I’ll even throw in some make up.
What about bran?
Omega fats?
Blueberries, pommegranites and acai berries?
I’ll even consider giving up caffeine (gulp).
Come on, work with me here. Anything but sleep.


3 responses to “Who Says?

    • Galit, when my children were little I used to call my self a sleep slut, any time any place I could sleep. Once I got well into my forties that changed and now I miss the ease of that sleep.

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