No, I Will Not Blog About You

My husband has noticed that I really do not blog very much about him. He’s mentioned here and there but I’ve never written a full post about him. He kind of wants me to write about him but he’s a pretty private guy. He’s concerned about what I’ll write. He’s my chief blog critic, always worrying about what I’m revealing about our life. He’s actually pretty much a big worrier, about everything that I don’t worry about. We split the worry burden. Between the two us we have it all covered.

Everything that I want to blog about him I’m not allowed to.  It’s almost become a kind of a weapon. When he does something that I consider funny I just say, ‘you know, I can blog that’ and then I get to watch him panic. I do have a sadistic side, I know.

He’s a great guy who I really believe balances me. He’s the energy to my calm and the logic to my emotion. He’s the romance to my practicality. Ha ha, no just joking, neither of us is romantic.

He may not be perfect but he’s mine and although I love him I won’t blog about him : )


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