I Caught Myself Drooling

Today was another wonderful New York day.

I walked a hole into my second pair of socks (did the same thing yesterday). There’s a marketing concept for you, socks that are strong enough to withstand sightseeing in New York.

There was a wonderful sale at a store just across the road from my hotel. How very thoughtful of them to make it so easy on me. This was great, but my very, very favourite thing that I did today was yo visit the Bauman Rare Books store. When we happen to have $16,000.00 to spare I’m going back there to buy their copy of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers or Candide by Voltaire. Maybe I’ll get them both. If I ever win a really big lottery, I mean really, really big lottery that’s what I’ll do, collect rare books. How much would I have to win to be able to do that? Also, if I had that kind of money I suppose that I could just go after particular authors and books. I’ll have to think about that one.

What one book would you like to own in the original? I would have to pick either Les Miserables by Victor Hugo or The Talisman by Balzac. I was shocked to see a signed Harry Potter for $13,500.00. I mean, she’s still alive and able to sign. Do you think it’s like DeBeers and diamonds, maybe she just won’t sign to drive the price up? Anyway, it was very exciting and I could have spent hours looking in the cases.

How can you not love this city? There’s something for everyone.


6 responses to “I Caught Myself Drooling

  1. Bauman is my store! I always look in the window and check their ads, but I’ve never had the nerve to walk in. I think I’d like a signed first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird, or anything by Jane Austen.

  2. Big, they gave me a catalogue and were very nice, thanked me for coming in to have a look. To Kill A Mockingbird is in the catalogue. I thought about Jane Austen but I think she might be too sought after.

  3. The book that I would like an original signed copy of is The Old Testaments. If that is not in their catalogue how about East of Eden?

    • Cathy, I used to see Robertson Davies walking around the U of T campus way back when, he was such an imposing figure, he would wear a scowl and sunglasses with only one lens. My sister’s friend asked him for his autograph and he refused because she only had a paperback copy of his book. She explained that she was a poor student but he wasn’t interested. I’m still a huge Davies fan I would never have had the guts to approach him.

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