Here We Come

Before we can get to New York we have to get to the airport. This means a 3.5 hour drive to Toronto. I love road trips with my husband. I get to talk to him the entire time and at 100km an hour he can’t escape. A captive audience. Then he started beat boxing to the radio. It made me wonder, are there evening sessions that he can attend at the conference?

The drive was great, sunny and clear. Then we noticed a remarkable thing, a rainbow hued halo around the sun in a grey sky. This could mean only one thing, we were heading into some nasty weather.
Sure enough as we hit Barrie we hit snow squalls. Barrie is in a snow belt. If you’re going to hit bad weather enroute that’s where it will be. Back in October I had already come across black ice and squalls there. I hate winter driving, even with snow tires. We passed through Barrie and the bad weather lifted.

Things went well at the airport. We saw the scary full body scan machines. A future indignity but we were spared today. A flight delay of only one half hour, so not bad. I would just like to mention to all travelers that when you are sitting in a public place, like the airport, there is no such thing as a private cell phone conversation if you don’t lower your voice. I am also not impressed with your business deals.

Good flight, no turbulence and short enough to keep my anxiety at bay. The thought did flash through my mind that if I crash and I’m wearing my engagement ring and wedding band then they can’t be passed on to my children.

I am starting my day tomorrow on an errand for my sister. I love being given missions to do when in New York it makes me feel like Frodo, only taller and less hairy. I may even slip my ring into a pouch to wear around my neck to heighten my excitement. I think I’ll call my husband Samwise all day tomorrow and see if he can figure out why. That can be his mission.

I’ll be going to the Metropolitan museum tomorrow and then meeting Sam at Macy’s late in the afternoon. He suggested that we meet at the MAC makeup counter and if they don’t have one we should meet at the Avon counter. Good thinking Sam.

Well have a great day everyone. I know I will.


4 responses to “Here We Come

  1. Uh-oh, I don’t think Avon has store counters at all. Make it the Clinique counter if Mac isn’t there. But on second thought you’re going to the world’s largest Macy’s. Mac will be there. Are you going to sit on Kris Kringle’s lap?

  2. Big, I think he forgot the ding dong part of the Avon commercials. We met at MAC. Sounds like the line from a song or something. Macy’s windows were Miracle on 34th Street this year. Didn’t see hide nor hair of Kris but then I was busy being overwhelmed by the numbers of people and the merchandise.

  3. oh fun! have a GREAT trip! i’ll travel vicariously through *you!* for the record, that frodo line was pure genius. and i can so, so relate to the road trip chats. and (unfortunately) the beat boxing. oy.

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