I seem to have misplaced my brain.

I finally made it in to my daughter’s school to present Chanukah to two classes.
I’ve done this so many times.
I brought dreydels, candles, story books, examples of Hebrew writing, a photograph of the Western Wall to show when I told the story of the desecration of the temple. I just forgot one thing…a Menorah.
I’m speechless.


7 responses to “Oy

    • Big: It was right there, on the counter, on top of the books to go into the bag to school. I don’t know how I did it. A list wouldn’t help, I would have checked it off when I put it with the books. I don’t know how I didn’t miss the heft of it in the bag. I really am afraid that one day I’m going to forget to put my bra on, I put nothing past me.

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