Back In The Saddle Again

My van has a new battery. My grocery list is (mentally) compiled. Chanukah will be presented today. I’ll be buzzing by my husand’s office either today or tomorrow to do a little work. Meals have been planned and my suitcase is mostly packed.

For a woman who never goes anywhere I’m ready for my fourth trip in less than a year. My second trip to New York in two months. New York never gets old. Each time is as exciting as my first trip with my dad at the age of 17. I have never had a bad trip to New York. The last time we went with the kids was tough. It seemed that with the four of them there was always somebody who was unhappy with what we were doing at that minute. So while I would not categorize it as bad I would say, not great. This trip should be very great. I’ve learned that when travelling with the kids or when alone with them while my husband is away at a conference the only way to survive is to focus 100% on their needs and to completely forget about myself. Well, not this trip baby!
My last trip with my sisters was wonderful but it was just too short. With the huge flight delay I think I only got about 36 hours in Manhattan. This time I’ll get a full three days. My husband will be at a conference for the better part of each day. Although he is my favourite traveling buddy this will give me the freedom to do exactly what I want to without any consideration for anyone else. Do you know how rare that is? This means that each day I can go to a different museum and I can move through it at my pace, looking at each and every exhibit that I want to and none that I don’t. This my friends is decadence. I can seek out my favourite painting at the Met and stare at it for half an hour if I want to. The very thought makes me giddy (what a great word).

There is one other thing. Shopping. Now I’m not a huge shopper (my sisters will vouch for me), but this is New York we’re talking about. There is also the fact that my best friend’s husband has convinced himself that I am a big shopper. I have fought against this for years, but this weekend while he was in my home eating my latkes teasing my husband about all of the shopping I was going to do I had an epiphany. To heck with it, if they want to be stereotypical males like that then that leaves me no alternative but to shop till I drop – which should be about one store’s worth, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Museums first though.

It should be quite a trip.


6 responses to “Back In The Saddle Again

  1. It’s called New York state of mind for a reason. When in NYC you’re mind shifts to shopping and it’s hard to leave without at least a little something new. Make sure you check out the shoe department at Saks, no “comfortable” shoes just stunning pieces of artwork. And you know me it’s my favourite kind of art!

  2. Enya, there must be attractive comfortable shoes somewhere. Glad you appreciate the artistry I just always think of my back.

    Ilana, thank you.

    Kalliope, I shall do my best to consume wherever possible.

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