Bad Parenting 201

It’s almost like I’m trying to win those bad parent points. I’ve done the same bad thing twice within just over one week and I’ve done it to the same kid.

This is what happened. Twice. The Artiste has piano lessons on Tuesdays with a new teacher.  Seek and Sports Girl have lessons on Wednesdays with our regular teacher. One day last week Sports Girl and I arrived home after school and the Artiste was not yet in the house.  He gets home just before we do or just after we do.  I waited and he didn’t show up.  Then I realized that he must be at a year book meeting, a new committee that he just joined.  I know my kids and their activities so well.  The only unusual thing was that the kids almost always know to call or text me and let me know their whereabouts – it’s either that or have me rampage the city searching for them like a crazy lady.  He didn’t let me know, I’d remind him when he got home.  So I did our regular after school stuff which included a quick call to my sister to go over some sort of minute detail of my day and to tell her of my son’s rare aberrant behaviour.  The phone beeped while we were talking, it was him.  So I clicked over and our conversation went like this:

Me:  Where are you?                                                                                                                       Him: Outside of piano waiting for you.                                                                                         Me: Oh my G-d I’m so sorry. I’m on my way.

I clicked back to my sister and our conversation went like this:

Me: That was the Artiste, I forgot he’s at piano and I have to get him.                                   Sister: Oh my g-d Lola!  (O.K. she didn’t call me Lola but I like to think that was so much more a Lola move than a me move – I would never forget one of my kids.)

Yesterday, the day after the Artiste’s birthday I got a phone call from him in the afternoon. It went like this,

Him:  I’m waiting outside of piano. it’s raining. Did you forget me AGAIN?

Me: Crikey! I’m on my way.

So now let me explain yesterday to you, I do have an explanation.  I received notice of a new commenter on my last entry.  It was David Bogner from the Treppenwitz blog.  Now that might not mean much to you bit it’s a big deal to me.  It’s kind of like getting a letter in the mail from your favourite author.  Yes, his blog is my favourite.  Add to that the feeling of ‘he’s read my blog?’ which is kind of like having company stop by before you’ve straightened the house (could happen, believe me it could).  At first I was shocked, how did he know about my little old blog?  Then I thought about it and realized that I probably shilled it to him in an email.  You know, if you feel like checking out my new blog… Yeah I’m shameless.  Then I had to explain to my visiting sister what just happened and to share a few of my favourite Treppenwitz posts with her.  Which was when I got the phone call from my son.

I’ve decided that blogging (at least for me) is pretty self-centered.  But to balance that as a mom and a wife I think that I’m pretty much every-one-else-centered.  So indulge me friends and family and if you know any one else who might want to check out my new blog…




18 responses to “Bad Parenting 201

  1. I consider my honey to be an expert on the topic. Unless of course it concerns parenting our own children – at that point I debate much of his advice and expertise.

    Honey would say “Lola, in my experience parents don’t need to be perfect, they only need to be ‘good enough’. All children need some challenges and conflict to thrive.”

    • NBstyle, I am not really so hard on myself. This was written tongue in cheek. My main goal in parenting is to not do any harm to my kids that a half decent psychologist can’t fix. : ) Thanks for the advice from your honey I will try to remember it so I can throw it back at my kids when they are older and complaining about their childhood..

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