iPad Love

O.K. I hate the name of it.  Personally I would have voted for the iSlate, but as usual nobody asked my opinion.  Goofy name aside, I am in love with my iPad.  My husband is thinking of either staging an intervention or getting his own.  My kids no longer even ask if they can borrow it.  My iPad and I are inseparable.  I leave the house with it in my hand without realizing it.  I’m spending longer on the treadmill because it’s easy to read on it and I can read longer without feeling guilty (win-win situation), I can also flip to youtube and watch stuff while I workout. I’ve stopped watching t.v. (not a bad thing) so that I can read more.  Books, books, books and more books.

Which brings me to a bad thing.  My last two Visa bills.  Papa Bear now calls my iPad the gift that keeps on giving.  I try to buy the cheap and free books $5.00 and less.  but that adds up.  Cheap books are really fast reads.  Free books – the classics are slower reads.  For various reasons my head is not in there right now.  I keep hoping that each day will be the one that I get my quality reading brain back.  I do have a new appreciation for romantic comedies.  If the author can manage witty dialogue I’m sold.  Although formulaic just like the screwball comedies of the 40’s they can be very entertaining.

Another bad thing, I want to formally apologize to my sisters and to my niece for playing a game on my iPad while we were all sitting around together watching t.v.  I hate when the kids do that, I can’t believe that I did it.  What would Emily Post say?

I’ve downloaded the Economist and am now considering a newspaper or two and switching from fiction to news.  Not enough time in the day for both.  Or is there?  We just don’t eat out enough and I probably spend too much time at the store grocery shopping and doing other stuff for my family.  It’s already the cure to my sleep issues.  Instead of lying there at night counting sheep (or backwards from 1000, my personal favourite sleep inducing exercise)  I read until I get sleepy.  When my iPad bashes me on the nose I know that it’s time to turn it off and I’ll drift back into sleep, watering eyes and sore nose blissfully forgotten as I snore away with my beautiful little iPad charging beside me on my pillow.

I can also post from my iPad, but to be honest it’s a little awkward when it comes to editing.  So I can do a middle of the night post, keep it as a draft and then quickly correct it in the morning on a household computer.  Very satisfying.

I borrowed my sister’s Kindle last weekend, we were thinking of getting one as reading is my main iPad activity but I just did not like it as much. Sorry, Kindle.  The reading light casts a glare on the page, I like reading in bed with a black background and white print and worst of all the Kindle makes a noise every time you turn the page.  This is not a good thing if you share your bed and read at 3a.m.  I know it would wake me up, not unlike the clicking of my husband’s Blackberry does.

I can check my email at 3a.m. – no new commenters (I have great hopes for those of you who live in Europe, it might be the middle of the night where I am but isn’t there some European somewhere on a coffee break who has some comment to make on my blog?).  No one told me that having a Blog would give me something new to obsess about – my stats. Please just let me have a good 10 readers in one day.  My sisters and my nieces make 4 is it not possible that there are 6 people in this entire world who want to read me?  I am a needy Blogger, I am ashamed to say. It’s the iPad’s fault, there’s no way that I would go downstairs, turn on a computer and check my stats in the middle of the night.  Well, let’s just say that it’s not very likely that I would do that.

I love having all of our photos loaded.  At anytime I can flip back in time to baby pictures of my children and I’m transported to those halcyon days before my children started talking back and life was all about the idealism of a new family.  Just like Dr. Frankenstein I created life and as much as I love my own little monsters they do take away from my reading time which reminds me…I bet there’s a free Mary Shelley download, I should go check it out.


5 responses to “iPad Love

  1. I know the Ipad is just what I need. The only thing is that it would just make my digital addiction worse.
    I’d play (Bejeweled Blitz) in front of the TV, I’d buy books too regularly for my own good (or rather that of my bank account), not to mention my own sleeping issues. At present I listen to the radio with earphones on.
    Have you tried the special Ipad keyboard? I think I’d get that.
    For the time being, I am trying to convince myself that I must wait for the Ipad2.

    • The keyboard would make a lot of sense for daytime use but I mostly type on my iPad in the middle of the night, in bed. So I wouldn’t use one. It makes sense to wait, the one thing that I don’t like is that you can really only open one window at a time and I don’t think that I can play music simultaneously with anything else. I may be wrong about that.

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