I Miss Mike…Douglas

Another nostalgic post.

Born in the early 60’s I am a member of the t.v. generation.  When I’m home alone and I want background noise I turn on the t.v. not the radio. However, I really do not watch much t.v.  For the most part my kids rule the t.v. in our house.  I’m surprised to discover that not unlike my parents there are shows that I have declared off limits.  Unlike my parents these shows do not showcase comedic mixed marriages (Bridget loves Bernie was forbidden in my home),  the shows I disapprove of encourage a level of skanky and entitled behaviour that scares me.  If the show has the word Tequila in the title you may not watch it, the same for the words Jersey and Wives of.  Parental Control, is not about parental control it’s about parents and their children’s girl/boyfriends being nasty to one another.  I hate it when kids disrespect adults but I equally hate seeing adults dropping to the same level.

I also dislike the shows where the uberwealthy kids show off the houses that their parents have built to fulfil their every whim.  We can’t forget the over the top sweet sixteens that are bigger than royal weddings. What values are we giving our kids?

I wish we could turn on the t.v. after school and find the Mike Douglas Show, The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Twilight Zone and the After School Money Movies.  Just for one hour every day and then we can return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Before you start writing in your complaints, I know that there is also a lot of good stuff on too.  Yeah for Discovery and National Geographic and Teletoon  and the History Channel and the Food Network as well as Modern Family, Glee and Ellen.  I’m just ranting about the shows that turn my stomach.





5 responses to “I Miss Mike…Douglas

  1. I happen to agree with the smut that is on television now. Some of it, I admit I will watch out of shear boredom. I guess I am of the generation that will watch anything and everything just because it’s on. I do however, not like a certain “bear” I know draw the line at those Jersey shows….they take the prize as the worst thing on television and set a horrible example for the young adults watching!!

  2. It always amazes me how today there are 5000 channels and often nothing worth watching. And what does it say about a world where someone like “Snookie” can be a celebrity??

    • Big shvester: I would think that with animal planet you could always find something you liked to watch. Thanks to reality t.v. Celebrity is not what it once was. Maybe that will help us get over the cult of celebrity worship.

      Enya: watch what you want, you’re an adult. It’s my impressionable kids that I worry about.

  3. Ok Ok enough about Snookie and Jersey Shore. I do love watching that smut every now and then but mostly because it is so damn entertaining. And who doesn’t like to laugh at stupid people, doing stupid things?

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