My Son the Monkey

Just a random kind of thought.
I ate a banana today and as I was eating it I remembered my son telling me that he peels his bananas from the bottom up like monkeys do. This caused me to wonder a couple of things. I know that when you peel a banana that way you don’t have to deal with the banana strings. I don’t know exactly why it just works out that way. I wonder if this is why monkeys peel their bananas this way. Why else? It seems easier to open a banana up from the top down. Do monkeys dislike the stringy bits? Is this learned or innate behaviour? Is this further proof that we (my family to be precise) have evolved from monkeys?
But then again, sometimes a banana is just a banana. ; )


One response to “My Son the Monkey

  1. It is very funny that you blogged about this because this is something that I have thought about too. Sometimes you wonder about something and you think to yourself that you are probably the only person on the planet that would spend time contemplating it. I am always facinated to see a monkey eat a banana and I must admit I did try to peel it from the bottom once to see what they knew that I didn’t. I made mush out of the first bite,but no strings attached!

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