Is My Snoring Disturbing You?

Admission time.

I snore, loudly, very loudly. My entire family snores, husband, kids, everyone. It seems that I out snore them all. In general this is not a problem. My family is accustomed to the noise, we have no problems sleeping when in one another’s company.

There are times that it does stress me out. When in New York with my sisters I took a separate room so as not to disturb their sleep. A situation like this does not occur often. There is however a weekly event that causes me great embarrassment. I’m talking about my children’s piano lessons.

What does this have to do with my snoring, you might ask? It seems that I am unable to sit through their lessons without falling asleep.   Now what does this say about me as a supportive mother?   I love you and support you so much that I’m going to prove it by sleeping through your lesson.  When your teacher talks to me at the end of the lesson about your progress I can only nod and trust her because I actually didn’t hear the lesson.  Sometimes, through my snores, I hear my daughter giggle from the piano bench which always manages to wake me with the knowledge that she heard me snoring from across the room.   Sorry, my snoring is actually disturbing your lesson.

Don’t think that I haven’t tried to do anything about it. I always try to go to bed early the night before. I bring something along to read or to do. All to no avail. The piano teacher is so kind, assuring me that she does the same thing the minute she sits down.  She also has four children.  Still, I don’t believe her.

My biggest fear is that I’m going to develop a Pavlovian response to the piano and one day fall asleep right in the middle of my child’s performance  during our yearly music festival.

At least I’m not drooling.


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