It’s a Frickin’ Marshmallow World

There’s just no pleasing me.

I woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom and heard the wind howling like crazy.  The rain was coming down and all I could think was; great a cold, rainy, nasty day is in store for us.  Then when I really woke up and went downstairs to make the kids’ lunches (the bane of my existence) I saw snow outside.  A light dusting  coming down steadily and all I could think was; Oh no, not snow, not yet.  Over the next half hour it got heavier and the flakes got bigger.  I told the kids to dress warmly when they headed out.  The boys, of course, will not wear boots but if I can get them to put on the proper weight jacket and possibly a hat and/or mitts I’m pretty happy.  My daughter donned her ski jacket, new boots, new hat and serious gloves but could not face snow pants which was fine.  I warmed up the car, could not find the snow scraper so I cleaned my windows with an umbrella.  Pathetic.

By now the flakes were huge and all of the trees looked like they belong on a brochure for a ski resort.  I groaned in despair and my daughter said, “What’s wrong, I thought you love winter?”  She’s right, I do love winter I especially love the first snowfall of the season.  I love when the ugly grey and brown of late fall are covered with the crisp, fresh, promising white of fresh snow.  In winter I feel proud of mankind, we are so smart, we managed to invent goretex, central heating, hot chocolate, snow shoeing, skiing, winter tires and to learn from the birds and stuff our jackets with warm down.  We are invincible, we can survive anything.

But today, all I could think was, not yet.  I’m not ready to be a frozen challah again I still want to be a warm rising in the heat challah.


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