Staying Close to Home, Part 1

This is not going to be another complaining post but an explaining post. I was thinking of calling it, why I never go anywhere.   As you may know I have four kids.  I love being a Mom more than anything. I love being with my kids, listening to them and doing the millions of things that I do for them.   O.K., so sometimes it’s a bit much for me.   I mean this parenting business just goes on and on and on.  I have to announce when I go to the bathroom or our house immediately goes on amber alert soon to be followed by a full scale search and rescue mission.   It seems that I am most needed whenever I get a phone call.   I have been known to complete conversations while hiding in a closet.

I will on occasion make the drive to the big city by myself for a quick get away but that seems to include something like Passover shopping or delivering camp luggage to the drop off site. Papa Bear and I almost never go away together. Who would stay with the kids if we did?

Last spring we decided to take a huge leap, I would accompany him on a conference to Barcelona for five nights, four days.  There were many reasons for this trip not the least of them being our 20th anniversary.  I found and booked a highly responsible baby-sitter and began to cook all of the meals that would be needed in our absence. I tried to put all of my trepidation on hold. As the departure day drew nearer I privately hoped for something benign to cause the cancellation of my trip. It didn’t happen. I was forced to suck it up and go.

The flight, thankfully was uneventful.  I don’t like flying, another reason I felt that I had to go.  The seats were close, but I managed just fine.  I did not have the screaming fit that I always fear I will have when I’m on a plane.  How do you manage to come back from one of those?   Being the crazy lady is only appealing in books set in the southern U.S.

We had a stop over in Paris. Is it possible to fall in love with an airport? I don’t eat when I fly, but if I did that would be the place to do it. There was an Illy coffee shop.   I will do almost anything for Illy coffee.  The Patisserie was gorgeous. There was another shop selling the most beautiful madeleines. I thought of Proust and knew that I had to bring my family home some madeleines to taste. I went to the counter and saw the price. No madeleines this trip, I’d rather buy jewelry. I found the public washroom. The toilet bowls were Villeroy and Boche! Is it weird to be in love with a country because of a toilet bowl?

The airport did it for me, this was going to be a wonderful trip.  My kids were in good hands, I would have my husband’s undivided attention.  The plane ride was a piece of cake.  I was finally getting to see a bit of Europe.  Less than one day in and everything was moving along even better than I could have hoped.  I was silly to be such a worrier, what could go wrong?…


4 responses to “Staying Close to Home, Part 1

  1. Enjoying your postings from the “great north”. Atlanta is still sunny and sometimes warm this time of year. I imagine your deep, peaceful snows are beautiful.

    • Hey Mo what a surprise to see you here. Welcome. Thankfully we just get dustings at this time of year. We are having a bit of a heatwave with the temp up around 50F today and climbing up to 60 by the weekend. I am in no hurry for the snow to fly. But you’re right there is nothing so peaceful and gorgeous as that first huge dumping of the year where the yard looks lie it belongs on a Christmas card. Soon enough.

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