Virtual Relationships With Strangers

I love blogging.  I love having a creative outlet for my thoughts and an opportunity to write.  I have a friend who lives in Israel.  We have kept in touch by writing to each other since our Ulpan ended in the spring of ’85.  Over the years I have enjoyed this exchange of thoughts and letters more than I can say.  Snail mail changed to email and our exchanges have become even more succinct.

Enter blogging, a form of pen palling to the world (or to the very few who read me).  I love reading blogs, knowing what other regular people think about and care about.  Sometimes the blogs I read make me laugh, sometimes they may make me cry and sometimes they offer the comfort of the knowledge that other people are facing the same challenges and experiences that I am.  These challenges may be handled better than I handle them and I can learn from these virtual strangers. On occasion, I may have the answers to the bloggers questions.  I am a big lurker.  I have revealed myself to a few bloggers, always in private emails.  It’s a very strange situation.  By reading these blogs over years I feel that I know these people, yet for the most part they have no idea of my existence.  I feel like a Peeping Tom with permission.  I form attachments and care about these people who are oblivious of me.

This summerI was blessed with the opportunity to meet a blogger who has amazed me with her strength, spirituality, energy, and infinite capabilities as a mother.  When I was in Israel I got to spend an hour with RivkA over at Coffee and Chemo in her home.  We talked about our families.  She tried to convince me to make Aliyah with my family.  Is there anything more Israeli than that?  I mostly asked questions and listened as I knew that this was a rare opportunity.  Once her youngest daughter came home I was lucky enough to speak with her a little bit as well.  I watched RivkA’s focus shift to her daughter.  I know that I am a good mother, but there are times that I feel I could use a gentle reminder of my priorities.  I hold the image of RivkA with her daughter as that reminder.

As I stand here on the outside peeping in, my thoughts and wishes for a peaceful healing are with RivkA and her family.




7 responses to “Virtual Relationships With Strangers

  1. Hi FrozenChallah –

    As I stand here on the outside peeping in, my thoughts and wishes for a peaceful healing are with RivkA and her family.

    RivkA and her family greatly appreciate your thoughts.

    Hoping to see you here when you make aliya 🙂


  2. I can so identify with what you are saying. It is amazing the blogs that you happen across and how they can change the way you look at life. RivkA has certainly made a big change in my life and has made me look at life in a different way.

    I look forward to ‘lurking’ around your blog and you are perfectly welcome to lurk around mine.

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