The Very Best Season

I adore Autumn.  It is my favourite season.  I love winter and now that I have constant access to a lake I also love summer.  Spring, not so much.  Spring is a misfit season.  The first part of it smells like unthawing dog droppings and then it’s suddenly too hot.  Not much of a transition: winter, dog poop and then summer all wrapped up in the name of spring. It’s a hard season to dress for.  The sun is bearing down on you and the snow banks are still melting, not exactly sandal weather but too hot for socks and shoes.  Too warm for a jacket but too wet not to have one.

Fall is the perfect transitional season.  First off there is the incredible beauty of the leaves.  This to me is mother nature at her designing best.  All of the colours work so well together.  Granted, summer is  a riot of colour as well, but it’s possible to see red flowers growing next to purple ones.  It’s just too jarring.  The subtlety of colour placement should not be left up to people, to gardeners yes, but not to just anybody who can walk into a nursery and buy orange oriental poppies to plant next to pink impatiens. I’ve never experienced the beauty of the fall trees and thought, “Who planted those trees next to each other, what a mistake!”

Then there is the smell of fall.  How I love the way fall smells!  It’s as though nature has put out a giant bowl of the most beautiful and subtle potpourri.  There’s also the added bonus of the first fires of the season.  Is there anything more comforting than standing outside on a cool fall day and getting a whiff of smoke from someone’s chimney?  This to me smells of the warmth and the love that is home.

I admit the rain is not so great, but it’s cool enough that the rainwear does not make you uncomfortably hot.  You also know that it will pass and after the rain there exists the possibility  of a temperate day that we can only dream of in the freezing depths of winter.

The falling leaves are another pleasure.  They flutter so gracefully to the ground and yet they present no driving hazards.  They add a delicious spookiness to the season.  Am I the only one who gets caught unaware as the fluttering of a leaf through a window catches the corner of my eye?  When out walking or jogging I hear the theme music to the Halloween movies, heightening my senses and putting a deliciously spooky spin on everything.   We survive the Halloween season and the death of summer, stronger and ready to brave whatever winter may throw our way.

Fall is also the perfect length.  I get bored of seasons, even summer.  I long for the change the next season will bring.  Fall comes and goes in the blink of an eye, leaving me wanting more.  It’s a rare thing to be left wanting more in our world of self-gratification.

So, thank you autumn for all the gifts you bring.


2 responses to “The Very Best Season

  1. I could not have said it better myself. I too love fall. For me it goes beyond the beautiful falling leaves, the smell in the air, and the cool breeze, although I do love all of that, for me it’s the clothing. Designers bring out all their creativity, the clothing is always lux and stunning! I love the layering, dresses with boots, leather, and knit sweaters. I was so born in the right season!

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