New York, New York

I was originally going to post about how much I hate air travel and how insensitive the airline employees are and how there is no accountability. I felt that after an eight hour flight delay I had the right to rant. I still feel that I have the right to rant I just don’t want to anymore.

What I do want to say is that even though my trip was shorter than planned it could not have been any better. When I arrived at my hotel some ten hours later than originally planned and I saw my sisters’ concerned smiling faces I knew that none of it mattered because now I felt that I was finally home. The happy, warm home of my childhood where I could depend on my sisters whenever I needed to.

What could be better than being in one of the greatest cities in the world with some of your very favourite people? No matter how long we could have been there it would not have been long enough.

To me, the best things about sisters are that no matter how much you may fight you love each other too much not to get over it and that the history you have shared together allows you to look at one another and see and feel so much more than the moment. Although, sometimes the moment is all that you need.

Girls I just want you to know that whatever your ages (and really, besides me, who’s counting?) YOU WERE LOOKING FINE!!!

Also, can we please at this point in our lives please get over the fact that I spit in Peaches milk some 37 years ago?


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