Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now?

I just can’t wait!  On Friday I am jetting (or Dash 8ing) off to New York to join my two sisters for a fun filled weekend to celebrate Peaches birthday.  It is a pretty big birthday, one that warrants celebrating.  I would like at this point to add that I am the youngest of the sisters, no matter what they may say.

This is how I view the weekend:  There will be much laughter, tears rolling down your red face, snorting laughter for we are a fun bunch who love to laugh together.  There will be alcohol consumed, it helps with the laughter.  There will not be singing.  There will be good food eaten, who doesn’t like that?  There will be some shopping – it is New York after all.  There will be museum visiting for make no mistake we are fun but we are also a sophisticado group.  There will not be wistful thoughts of the family at home as I will be living in the moment for that is what we young pups do : )

At the end there will be a lump or two in our throats as we say our goodbyes and each of us heads home to our own city, because what girl doesn’t feel sad when the best party ever comes to an end?

I wish it were Friday already but then it would almost be over so I’ll try and just savour the anticipation.  But really, is it time yet? Can I pack my bag? Can I go now?  I’m mentally walking out the door, getting into the car, driving to the airport, getting on the plane, listening to the overhead announcement – “Do not buckle your seatbelt yet you have to get back in the house and finish the laundry before  you can go anywhere.”  Damn, who hired that flight attendant?


6 responses to “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How about now?

  1. I too am savouring the anticipation, is it wrong that my bag has been packed for three days? First the flight, I have no intention on getting caught between the moon and New York City, so see ya on terra firma in two sleeps Mama Bear!!

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