Hunting Season

I find this time of year very difficult.

It’s not because of back to school, laundry, the holidays, rainy weather or even lice it’s because hunting season is beginning. Now I’m no vegetarian and I understand that when I eat meat it was once actually alive and walking around. I just don’t get the whole shooting something and watching it die for sport aspect. If you want to impress me with your skill go grab yourself a pair of antlers and duke it out with the deer horno a horno. That’s an accomplishment.

As bad as all of this is there’s something even worse. There are some hunters here who are so proud of what they’ve done that they take the freshly killed deer head,
mount it on their truck hood and drive around town. I still have trouble believing this. Fortunately you don’t see it very often. I’ve just seen it twice in the 15 years we’ve lived here.

So if you see me driving through town staring straight ahead and not really looking around you know why.


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