Itching to Get Home

Sometimes I do things and I kind of know why I’m doing them but I also wonder what I was thinking when I said that I would do them.

Yesterday is a perfect example of what I mean. I have decided that I want to take a year off from all of the parent teacher committees (called the SAC here)that I have been a part of for the past ten years. Everyone needs a break now and then. This in no way means that I want to be a less involved parent it just means that I will redirect my involvement.

I had to attend one last meeting as our commitment for last year does not end until the first meeting of this year. I announced my year off and said that I would like to volunteer in the school more – parent volunteers are always needed and always in short supply. My favourite area of involvement is in literacy. I think that I have done most anything that a parent can, that is until this Friday. Now I think that I can say that I’ve done it all. At our meeting the principal mentioned that we have not yet had any parent volunteer to conduct the lice checks on the students. I looked at the principal and said to her, “I can do that.” The reason why I can do that is a whole other story. It was one of those moments when you say something and you hear the words coming out of your mouth but you’re not really sure who made that happen because there is no way in hell that you voluntarily would have said that.  I mean really, why would I have said that?

That was on Monday, on Thursday I received a phone call from the principal about an emergency situation asking me if I could possibly come in and go through one class of kids. Wow, that was fast. I could not get in until Friday morning. So of course I spent Thursday night lying awake until 2a.m. Scratching my head, not in bewilderment but in itchment. Friday morning I got up, put back every strand of hair that I could (anyone who knows my hair knows what a nightmare it would be to rid my hair of lice) and headed off to the school. For the next 6 hours I checked 22 little heads and I’m happy to report that I did not find even one nit. What if I just didn’t spot them?

I went home with an itchy head and face, a sore back, a little grossed out but also with a sense of accomplishment. I just don’t want to ever do it again, but I know I will.


6 responses to “Itching to Get Home

  1. You’re a much better woman than I.

    Yuck, yuck, yuck – that’s almost as bad as having to change someone else’s kids diaper… somehow it’s just soooooo much worse than your own.

    • Living – I have to agree with you, but it’s really not horrible just very tedious. It’s more the thought of them ending up in my head that gets to me. That must sound pretty selfish, but who would go through my hair daily? I’d have to go to a service.

  2. Just the word lice makes me itch. I was so lucky to never have to deal with them on my little ones. Now that I’ve got a teacher daughter, I’m nervous all over again. It’s so gross.

    • Shvester – when you’ve got them in your house the very thought of them makes you itch and then you’re sure that you’ve got them. If I were a teacher my hair would either be in a ponytail every day or very short.

  3. I’ve had far too many lice checks in the past 4 years. Way more than I ever had as a kid. Never have I had a lice check done by a parent volunteer. You are one brave woman to take that on. I seriously hope for your sake that you never come across one of those little buggers.

    • Thanks Carebear, I know that I’ll cope if I do find one. I soaked in the tub for one half hour when I got home I would probably have to soak for half a day and do a lice treatment if I ever did find one but like I said I’ll cope.

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