I Am So Losing It

I could write a year’s worth of blogs just about the embarrassing things that I have done to myself in my life. But, I won’t because basically I like me and don’t feel a need to embarrass myself on a global level. As I related this story to my sister yesterday we both ended up laughing so hard that I have to risk the embarrassment and share because we all need good laughs.

Thursday was a fairly busy day around here, what with the laundry and all : ) I wanted to bring up my favourite bra from the laundry room to wear that day. Not a big accomplishment, just another little thing to do that I forgot.
As I was heading into the shower I heard a knock on my bedroom door which of
course caused me to jump out my skin. I had forgotten that the artiste would be home for lunch as he had a spare that day. He announced through the door that a
friend was with him (someone I had not yet met) and was that O K? I said sure and
that I’d be down when I was done. By the time I got down his friend was gone for
football practice or something. I didn’t go any further than my front entryway as I
had errands to run and needed to be done in time to get the Artiste to the dentist in
a couple of hours. He asked for a lift back to school and told me that a second
teacher was away so he would be able to meet me at home before the dentist. One
less errand that was a little piece of good news. So off we went.

When I returned to the house my son was already home. I walked into the kitchen to say hi and that’s when I spotted it, my pretty pink bra, lying so happily across the back of the couch that divides the kitchen and family room. Staking her territory as only one of my bras can do. My jaw dropped open, I felt a flush of embarrassment
sweep my face as this thought came to my mind, “Did your friend see this lying
there?”. My beloved Artiste answered with “Nah, I just threw my jacket over it.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Him: “I don’t think he did.”

Of course I did not feel reassured. Then my son asked me a question that could only be asked by the generation that wear their pants low enough for us to see their cracks, underwear or thong straps; “What’s the big deal anyway even if he did see
it?”. I tried to explain by comparing it with a jock strap and his little sister’s friends
I think he got it

I’m still blushing. At least I’ve never met the kid before and I’ve already forgotten his name.


One response to “I Am So Losing It

  1. See, if you lived in a house of only women as I did the embarrasment would be minimal. Too funny, oh to have been a fly on the wall.

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