Trying to Catch Up

I really do want to be a good blogger, however I seem to be having trouble posting regularly.  Right now I am just trying to stay on top of things; laundry, holiday preparations, back to school everything (papers, papers and more papers to be signed), dental appointments, etc.

I did do something good for myself today – I went for a mammogram.  But, I must admit that it has left me feeling a little flat : )

I will try to catch up on my Israel posts by the beginning of next week.

The big city symphony has come to my little symphony and we are going tonight – so yeah!

Hope to post more tomorrow.  At least when I still had jet lag I could always post at 5a.m., now I just sleep and am back to finding it hard to wake at 7.

I hope to be able to break my habit of falling asleep during the kids’ piano lessons, but old habits die hard and if I’m up late tonight I know I won’t be able to overcome the need for zzz’s (pronounce the z like the Americans do – go ahead I won’t be upset)


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