Touring Day 2

The morning started out bright and early as all of our tour days did. We headed up to kibbutz Misgav Am which is on the border of Lebanon. We were treated to a tour by a very colourful kibbutz member who left a lasting impression on everyone, especially the 5 teenaged boys. He is an exCalifornian with the most piercing grey eyes and the ability to state his opinions in a way that you just couldn’t argue with. The gun he carried also helped add to his tough guy mystique. Statements such as, “I found this place 50 years ago and ain’t nobody going to get me off my mountain.” and the equally vehement “We don’t have to apologize to anybody ever again for existing.” speak for themselves.
When you could see Lebanon so clearly and so close and add to that the fact that all of the homes in sight are being used as storage for Hezbollah armaments you could really appreciate our guide’s attitude
as well as his gun.
From there we drove to the Hula Valley where we had a date with some horses. I have to be frank, horses are not my favourite. The last time I rode a horse in Israel it reared on me and bit my leg. I am quite a bit older now and not quite as resilient but I did not want to miss seeing my kids on horses for the first time. Happy to report that I survived (although I truly was sore for days after) and I even
managed to enjoy the view once or twice. Most importantly the kids had a blast. The phrase ‘best day ever!’ became their mantra and I think it started there.
A quick change and it was on to Zfat. Our bus driver got to impress us with his maneuvering skills on the narrow city streets. I wish that we had been able to spend more time walking around there but it was a very full day and I failed to mention, it was still VERY, VERY HOT. We saw a lovely old synagogue, beautiful artwork and Judaica and we met an artist whose family had lived in Zfat for hundreds of years. It still astonishes me to meet Jews who have lived in one
place for that amount of time. It is hard for me to get past the image of the wandering Jew. I saw a stunning painting of a pomegranate that I would have happily had shipped home but I was unable to sell Papa Bear on said artwork. I’m still thinking about that painting which is a sure fire sign that I made a mistake. We did buy a Yemenite shofar which I was very excited about. The Artiste took trumpet in school and is quite adept at blowing it.
We happily headed back to the kibbutz to freshen up before dinner. Dinner was at a local restaurant that was made in the style of a log cabin. The logs were very small and cute looking. The boys were
thrilled with the dinner as it was very heavy on meat. I ordered a
delicious St. Peter’s fish that was worth the battle with the bones.
Once back at the kibbutz I was able to visit with my sister and my brother-in-law who just arrived in the north late in the day
Best day ever.


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